Revel in the realm of BRUX – a turbulent force of brooding rhythms and distorted desires of the human psyche. Equally intimidating as alluring, BRUX confronts notions of fate, materialism and the pursuit of pleasure.


A sonic feast that draws us deep into its wayward world of mystic energy and abrasive emotion, one cannot help but succumb to the sound and vision BRUX.


BRUX has silently entered the world’s collective psyche. After the release of her dark debut single “I’m Back” in 2018, BRUX’s name immediately seemed to be everywhere. Her first few months took her across continents, performing debut shows in Los Angeles, Sydney and Berlin, with opening support by artists from Fool’s Gold, Future Classic, OWSLA and Motorik. In September she appeared as a participant at the prestiged Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin.


Her first three releases have been lauded by Complex, Mixmag and Pop Matters, praising her fusion of analogue synths with otherworldly vocals. In her home of Australia, she has recorded exclusive mixes for Triple J and FBI Radio, and was selected by Triple J for her festival debut at FOMO Sydney. With releases on Dim Mak, Fool’s Gold and etcetc, and hints at impending tours, the realm of BRUX continues to spread.


Australia, New Zealand, Asia