The Original Gronk, Carla from Bankstown, is proving to be more than Western Sydney’s current It Girl – she is fast becoming Australia’s It Queen!


Ben James has been performing Carla since 2013, however it wasn’t until 2021 that her star truly exploded – and it’s all thanks to her new job as the Personal Assistant to the NSW Premier, The Honourable Gladys Berejiklian. Carla became famous for always having Gladys’ back and keeping the likes of Scomo, Anastasia Parachutes, and Dan ‘The Man’ Andrews at arm’s length. Through these viral social media posts, Carla became the unofficial voice of Sydney’s south west, who were struggling to survive Australia’s strictest lockdown conditions. Her daily commentary became essential viewing for people who needed to laugh when there was very little to be happy about. Mainstream media quickly took interest, including a coveted profile story on Nine’s A Current Affair, where Tracey Grimshaw concluded the segment by saying, “I’m fangirling here – thank you Carla!” Carla even made a guest appearance on KIIS FM where she patched Kyle & Jackie O through to the real Premier Gladys Berejiklian – and interrupted the interview towards the end because Gladys had to get her hair and makeup done so she was ready for her 11am Covid press conference. What a gal!


Carla’s ‘take no shit’ attitude, and defender of all underdogs has inspired a legion loyal followers across Australia, including many famous faces such as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Tina Arena, Julia Morris, Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O, Abby Chatfield, Michelle Bridges, Ben Fordham, Anthony Callea, Rebecca Gibney, Alfie Acuri, Alex Perry and a who’s who of Channel 9 – Karl Stefanovic, Peter Hichener, Tom Steinfort, and Tracy Grimshaw!


With Gladys now out of office, she continues her work as personal assistant to the replacement Premier of NSW, The Hon. Dominic ‘Pairoftits’. While the pair clash often due to their differing viewpoints, Carla’s commitment to her job is unwavering because she answers only to the people of NSW – and they deserve a strong female leader, Carla.


In 2022 Carla’s star shone so bright she starred in the prime time Channel 9 reality show, Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Carla was considered the breakout star of the show.


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