DREGG make powerfully energetic music, driven by themes of fierce individualism, with a sound that hungrily consumes metal, hardcore, and rap, only to heave it back up in a colorful rainbow of bombastic brutality and iconoclastic absurdity, lovingly fed to the audience like mother birds. The Melbourne, Australia fivesome is thrillingly provocative, occasionally disturbing, and filled with hip-hop swagger. The medium is the message, in their music, their tongue-in-cheek videos, and the exaggerated manifestations of each member’s “id” presented via elaborate theatrical costumes.


Imagine Eminem, fronting Mr. Bungle, while sipping absinthe, after an Oscar Wilde binge. Or Hatebreed, covering the Wu-Tang Clan, inside an art installation, curated by Andy Warhol’s ghost. DREGG take the piss out of all of the bullshit, like an episode of South Park set to metalcore.


While there are clearly creative cues taken from hyper-charged outfits like System Of A Down and Rage Against The Machine, DREGG skew neither far left nor far right on the political spectrum. Instead, they occupy a firm place outside of the argument, one of satire and critique.


Painted faces, crazy masks, discordant visuals; no matter how weird, DREGG offers much more than shock value. This is music and art intended to provoke and inspire. If there’s one major takeaway intended for the audience, it’s to unleash the weirdo within. DREGG aim to push the boundaries of self-expression, open up conversations, and the move the crowd while they do it.


“I’ll be a DREGG till I’m dead,” the band declares. Will you?


Australia, New Zealand, Asia