Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde traditions of abstract fine art, Fredrick layers the canvas of sound with cascading rhythms and fragmented melodies, creating a composition of contrasting textures and harmonious dissonances. The percussive palette is a harmonious fusion of organic timbres, ethereal atmospheres, and glitchy
soundscapes, intertwining seamlessly to create a symphony of controlled chaos—a multi-sensory opus for the most discerning connoisseur.


As Fredrick continues to push the boundaries of drum and bass, this abstract sound sculptor emerges as a true visionary, bridging the worlds of fine art and music. Through sonic experimentation and a tireless pursuit of innovation, Fredrick invites us to witness the convergence of the abstract and the tangible, inspiring us to embrace the beauty found within the unconventional, and challenging us to redefine the rules of the genre and the medium as a whole.


Australia, New Zealand, Asia