Sydney based producer Gregor McMurray has been putting out projects featuring more experimental and left field sounds for some time now, and has made himself a producer to watch in Sydney over the past couple years. With a handful of live shows throughout 2023 allowing him to showcase the breadth of his taste for sound-design.


However, Gregor’s new track ‘Rip’ signals a departure from the heavy sound-design focus of his previous work in favour of a more direct and club focused attitude. Straight forward 4 on the floor kicks and aggressive bass riffs carry forward the momentum in this new track.


Gregor is also currently working with lots of other Sydney-based artists on EP’s, remixes and various singles as he extends his production skills into new areas.


‘Rip’ is to be followed up with further singles that all inhabit the more club focused direction Gregor is working in later this year.


Australia, New Zealand, Asia