Hailing from Logan Central, Queensland. No Money Enterprise was born from the hustle and raised with a mentality to defy the odds no matter how stacked against them they are. They put their postcode on their back and released their debut single “German” which went on to became certified Platinum in Australia and New Zealand amassing over 45,000,000 streams across all platforms.

No Money Enterprise steps into 2024 with a powerful new release, marking their continued prominence in Australia’s hip-hop scene and their growing global appeal. Their latest single, ‘Through The Storm ft. Bently,’ is a poignant reflection on overcoming adversity and blending impactful lyrics with soulful rhythms.

Recently the group solidified its identity as a duo with brothers Rndy $vge and Tommy OT flying the flag for the 4114. No frills, no exaggeration—just authentic stories of No Money Enterprise turning street struggles into Platinum records.


Australia, New Zealand, Asia