After four long and excruciatingly boring years of a Gooch Palms free existence, the gruesome twosome are back in what is undoubtedly the hottest resurrection since Jesus Christ!


In early 2020, after an amazing ten years of relentlessly touring the world and releasing many a catchy bop, The Gooch Palms were convinced they had come to the end of their musical journey. So they bid us all adieu and hearts were broken across the globe. Fast forward four years and here we are. Everyone’s favourite bubblegum punks have decided that all the reasons they quit the band no longer matter and are back to slay another day!


If this is your first time hearing of The Gooch Palms, here’s a brief history…The real life married couple – Leroy Macqueen and Kat Friend met back in Newcastle, NSW many moons ago. While living in Sydney in 2010 they formed a two-piece DIY garage punk band and called it two random words out of a bunch of random words their friend Kyle had scribbled on their wall in chalk. Those two magical words were GOOCH PALMS. They released their debut album ‘Novo’s’, a homage to their hometown of Newcastle while back living there in 2013. Even though it was somewhat of a pisstake, the duo found themselves repping Newcastle pretty hard and loyally from that moment on. Their next chapter took them across thePacific to Los Angeles, where they lived and toured for three years. During this time they toured the US playing alongside many notable bands including Mean Jeans, Shannon & The Clams, Death Valley Girls, Wand, Guantanamo Baywatch and many more and returned to tour Australia with Violent Soho on their ‘Waco’ tour alongside Dune Rats and DZ Deathrays and after becoming solid chums with The Dunies, played dozens of shows with them across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Also during their American residence in 2016, they recorded their second album ‘Introverted Extroverts’ with world renowned producer/engineer Bill Skibbe (The Black Keys, The Kills, Fiery Furnaces) in Michigan. In 2018 The Gooch Palms found themselves back in Australia, somewhat burnt out by the heavy touring but with a new album in the works. That album went on to be their 3rd album mysteriously titled ‘III’ and was their most ambitious yet. It was also their first album to be released through a major label – BMG. With singles featuring heavily on Triple J including a Like a Version appearance and their biggest touring opportunities to date, with the likes of a massive Grinspoon and Stranglers tour, the band seemed like they were set to sky rocket. But internally they were feeling much different. The spark had died and to save their personal relationship, the band was unfortunately put to rest, for what Leroy and Kat thought would be forever. But it seems no one should ever say never because here we are!


So with a completely fresh outlook and a new pep in their collective step, The Goochies make their triumphant return. There will be new music at some stage and you’ll see them starting to pop up here and there. But the duo are keeping it pretty chill. So if you get a chance, head along to see one of Australia’s most entertaining bands with some of the boppinest and earwormy songs you’re be likely to hear. Do believe the hype y’all!




Australia, New Zealand, Asia