Recently unveiling her new artist project, Vetta Borne, Maribelle Anes is for the first time in her artistry becoming fiercely and uniquely herself in everything that the name encapsulates; in paying homage to her grandmother, and right through to her musical output. Having always made an impact with her heartfelt and intentional lyricism, the Melbourne based artist now combines her refined songwriting, with vocal engineering and production out of her bedroom studio. Writing and composing prolifically throughout 2020, Vetta Borne released the Violeta EP, and the lush R&B stylings of her latest single ‘Beyoncé’. As the perfect introduction to 2021, now Vetta Borne releases ‘Kissing Strangers’ on Soul Modern, the second taste of the Emelia EP to be released later this year.


The upbeat pop anthem is as instant as they come, proving that Vetta Borne is one of the most exciting Australian acts to watch this year. Whilst the single is sure to get you singing and dancing along in no time, it also highlights the importance of trusting your intuition, and making difficult decisions about significant relationships. Maribelle shares, “I wrote ‘Kissing Strangers’ about a relationship I knew I had out-grown. I was experiencing the bittersweet feeling of heartbreak and excitement from making the right decisions for myself. I was ready to move on to the next phase of my life, and all I could do was hope that the other person was okay while I gave her space to move on too.”


A prolific songwriter, Maribelle has worked with an incredible range of Australian artists, with her striking vocals being an absolute standout on Carmada’s ‘On Fire’, Young Franco’s ‘Miss You’, ‘Girls Don’t Cry’, and ‘Angel’, whilst more recently working with Tentendo on ‘Thoughts’, and featuring on Ukiyo’s ‘Good Enough’. Further adding to her impressive resume, the Melbourne based artist has been winning over the hearts of fans with a string of originals under the artist name Maribelle, including ‘I’m A Mess Without You’, ‘Shout’, and ‘Who We Are’. Having recently produced George Alice’s triple j Unearthed winning single ‘Circles’, and Kira Puru’s single ‘Chillin’, Maribelle continues to impress fans and peers alike.


Australia, New Zealand, Asia